Drink cucumber jiuce to prevent lossing hair

Cucumber not only can increase urine, prevent heart and blood vessels diseases, but also can prevent lossing hair.

Method: Make cucumber jiuce by blender and drink the jiuce for 1 cup daily. Stop drinking it after one month. Reusing the method if needed.

Dark eye circles dispear easily by rolling with egg

A lot of people go to facial for reducing the dark eye circles. They waste time and money and still couldn't solve the problem. Now we introduce a easy method to reduce the dark eye circles.

Method: Use a peeled shell egg to roll around eyes for 3 minutes.  Three time daily.



Drink green tea with honey can cure chronic throat infection ( pharyngitis)

Green tea is healthy. Plus some honey in it is healthy and delicious. But nobody knows the tea also can cure chronic pharyngitis. As long as you keeping doing it you will be healthier and happier.

Method: Boil some water and put in a cup with a green tea bag. Cover the cup for 3 minutes, then put 1 table spoon honey. You are better to drink the warm tea before breakfast everyday at lest for 3 months.


We will introduce different folk prescription continually. Follow our steps to go into a splendid life............

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